Vision Technologies is a Software and Web Development Company focused on creating custom applications and laying special emphasis on the unique business needs of its corporate clients. Vision Technologies infrastructure and processes are concentrated at designing and implementing solutions for middle & large-sized companies. Vision Technologies long-term-relationship-based strategy ensures a continuously stable growth and a solid customer base.

Our Mission

To consistently create value for our stakeholders, by providing solutions which enable our customers to achieve excellence and sustainable competitive edge.

Inside Vision Technologies

Vision Technologies is committed to provide the highest standard in the development and integration of web-enables applications and services through:
  • 📚 Understanding not only the IT requirements of the customers but the business process involved
  • 📚 Multi-level testing of the solution prior during and post deployment
  • 📚 Continuous training programmers on the latest technologies
  • 📚 Managing projects according to international project management methods
  • 📚 Ensuring professional customer support and warranty services
In order to achieve the above all the staff are committed to follow the Quality Management System developed based on ISO 9001:2000 requirements.
Vision Technologies is a global Information Technology company which provides technology solutions to over 100 customers.
Vision Technologies offers a comprehensive range of software and IT solutions, including packaged applications for the Recruitment, Clinic, Real Estate, School & Product Catalogue industries. In addition, it offers a broad range of software services such as Custom Software Development,IT Consulting, IS and IT Security Consulting, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and specialized services such as Product Re-engineering,Compliance Consultancy, Application Rehabilitation and e-Governance, among others.
Vision Technologies integrates its products and services to create customized solutions to allow you to undertake technology-based business transformation that allows reorganization in line with today's dynamic digital business environment.

Our Vision

A One Stop Professional IT Solutions Provider & Trusted Local IT Partner

The idea behind Vision Technologies is very simple - "A One Stop Professional IT Solutions Provider & Trusted Local IT Partner". We strive to provide a wide range of Customize Software Development, Web Design, Web Hosting, Network Solutions, Access Controls, Security Solutions, PABX Solutions and IT Infrastructure for you, our valued client, to cover even the most demanding technical needs.
When you come to us with a programming or Application Development request, we are your total solution provider. We welcome projects virtually on any platform, and are not biased for or against any technology or tool.We have the expertise and knowledge to be your development partner and to work with you - whatever your requirements may be.
When talking about your presence on the Internet, we can again do everything for you, from domain name registration and Website hosting, to Website design, E-Commerce Solutions and promotion. We would also be happy to provide you with future Website maintenance services. We are with you,every step of the way.
From design to installation, we can co-ordinate and implement the Total IT Solution.

We offer our clients:

  • 📢  Detailed Free Proposals
  • 📢  Expert Management
  • 📢  Fast Communication
  • 📢  Professionalism and Flexibility
  • 📢  Comprehensive Design Specifications for all Projects
  • 📢  Latest Technologies and Technical Expertise
  • 📢  Unique Design
  • 📢  Extensive Testing by our in-house Testing Laboratory
  • 📢  Responsive Customer Support Service
  • 📢  Reasonable Cost
  • 📢  Outstanding Service Record

Our Values


Flexibility is the key to our offerings, and intrinsic to this flexibility, is the spirit of Innovation that we bring to our products and services - from the very stage of design to implementation and customer support.


At Vision Technologies , we have always prided ourselves on the vision, skills, expertise and professionalism of our team. Our team members make use of their keen Insight to foresee industry trends and meet demanding customer needs. And the working of their collective minds in a highly supportive environment ensures that our products and services retain a competitive edge at all times.


At Vision Technologies , we look at the Core Value of Integrity as the very soul of our company. This is reflected in our finances, the trusted relationship that we share with our customers and business partners, and the faith reposed in us by our stakeholders.
Client-focusing - What we consider the main point in all of this complicated process called IT Development is you, the Customer. Our mission is to develop a system exactly meeting your business requirements with guaranteed quality at a reasonable cost.
Fast Communication - In depth discussions of all project-related issues with the client guarantee that the project will meet specified requirements and estimated time frames. We understand the importance of communication and client support, and maintain a 24-hour feedback policy. This ensures that any request or question received is answered within 24 hours. Our attention also goes to keeping you up-to-date of the status of your project, providing you with scheduled reports and updates.
Post-Sale Support - Our technical support and quick response time are provided to all of our clients, from a big corporation to a home-based sole proprietorship. We are confident in the quality of our work and back it up with a 3-month warranty.Within three months after you have accepted the completed system, we will promptly correct any problem at no charge. Also, the warranty term may be extended and we are available for system support and maintenance at any time.
Affordability - It is affordable! We are ready to tailor a custom solution within your budget so that you can always afford it!
Our Shared Values - Delivering on our mission requires a team of people who share a set of common values. The team atVision Technologies comes from different
backgrounds and cultures but follows a set of shared values:
  • 📝  Honesty and integrity that earn our Customers long term loyalty
  • 📝  Commitment to a culture open to promoting innovation in everything we do
  • 📝  Commitment to personal excellence and self-improvement
  • 📝  A unilateral focus on providing exceptional customer services
It is these shared values that our multicultural team follows in their every day interaction with each other and with Customers and Partners.

Company Services

We use IEEE Standards on Software Development, as well as our own standards, templates and procedures resulting from our vast experience in the field, as the basis for our approach to software development. This ensures that systems produced by Vision Technologies are one of a high quality and meet the most demanding business standards.

Our Service Technology and Development Process include the following 3 stages.

Stage 1 - Analysis, Proposal and Specification
It all begins with our initial understanding of your needs and wishes. Based on this, we create a detailed proposal with an outline of the tools, technologies,components, deliverables and milestones of the project. We estimate efforts and provide time frames for each item, so you can see the resources used for each part of the project. From the very beginning, to clearly illustrate that we understand the scope of your project, we will provide you with a detailed project plan and team structure.
The next step is to define and document all your requirements.In some cases, when the customer provides a well-developed specification, we proceed directly to Stage 2 - Implementation. Otherwise, we do a requirements analysis and develop a specification.
A system specification usually contains a description of the:
  • 🛠  System Purpose, Functions and Architecture
  • 🛠  >User Interface and Reports, including all screens and pages
  • 🛠  Object Model, Data Structures, Communication and Interface Protocols
  • 🛠  System Performance and System Acceptance criteria
  • 🛠  Project Plan with schedules and costs
In complicated cases a screen prototype of a new system can also be developed. It allows the customer's staff members to review the future system and to give their feedback at an early stage of the development.
Depending on the project complexity, development of a specification can take from a couple of days to a couple of months. A specification must be reviewed and approved by the client before implementation begins. The main purpose of stage 1 is to completely understand the system's requirements and features, development tools and platforms to be used, and project deliverables and milestones. Such an approach makes it possible to avoid any mistakes in the system design and to plan the future transition period and staff training, if required. It also gives you an opportunity to add or cut features, depending on budget and other factors.
Stage 2 - Implementation and Testing
Once the Specification has been accepted and approved,software development is initiated. Programmers begin coding using the specification, while designers develop necessary elements of the user interface and make it ergonomically correct. Testers develop the Test plan, test cases and scripts, test the system and verify that it operates according to the specification. Our technical writers create necessary user and system documentation. During the entire implementation stage, the performance of team members is monitored, the project progress is reported, all requested changes and any defects discovered in the software are tracked.
The results of this stage are:
  • 🛠  Regular Deliveries of the Code Developed
  • 🛠  Test Plan and Acceptance Testing Criteria
  • 🛠  Test Cases and Testing Scripts, if Required
  • 🛠  Testing Reports
  • 🛠  Labor and Status Reports, if Required
  • 🛠  Project Plan Updates
  • 🛠  System and Source Code Documentation
  • 🛠  User's Guide, if Required
  • 🛠  Context-Sensitive Help, if Required
  • 🛠  Installation program and instructions
  • 🛠  Data Conversion Utilities, if Required
  • 🛠  Integrated Software Product Installed in a Test Mode
Stage 3 - Installation, Integration and Operation
The final stage of system development is to move the product from a test mode to the production environment with conversion of existing data, if required.Our staff and future users will install and test the system in pre-production mode. Their comments are key in making any final changes and verifying the operation. When tests show that the product is operating in accordance with the specification, the software product will be installed in production mode.
The development team will continue to support the customer after installation, and we also provide a minimum 3-month warranty, during which we will eliminate any bugs found, free of charge. We will also provide further maintenance of the system if required.
During the entire development process the customer has tight control over the project, and can even make small enhancements or changes to the system.
The results of this stage are:
  • ◉ This Service Technology gives our customers several important benefits:
  • ◉ Developing a high-quality product to meet your business requirements
  • ◉ On time, on budget delivery, at no risk to your time and money

How can I benefit from working with Vision Technologies?
Vision Technologies assures that your project will be done on time, on budget, and in accordance with the latest quality and technical standards. You can outsource to Vision Technologies your IT projects ranging from a simple utility to a total automation of your business. Our services are confidential and reliable. Copyright on the final system belongs to you. Also, custom information systems are expensive, as development requires hiring skilled professionals. By using our services, you will reduce your cost. You also achieve savings on equipment, maintenance and infrastructure required during the development. Learn additional information with our Service Technology and Development Process

What services does Vision Technologies provide?
Vision Technologies provides a wide range of software development and Web design services including:

What, besides cost, is the difference between developing locally and doing it offshore?
The main difference is electronic communication. If you are friendly with Internet and e-mail, then you will definitely benefit working with us. We have special techniques and tools to support remote development including our own FTP and WWW sites.Read more on the subject.

How can I be assured that I am not wasting my time and money?
Read about our Service Technology and Development Process. If you still have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We will spend as much time as needed to explain, provide additional information or even make a pilot task for you!

How can I be sure of your productivity?
You monitor the development completely and every phase of development has material results that you can see and review. If required, we provide Labor and Status Reports. The complete scope of the work is defined at the initial phase of development and approved by you. Also, we are interested in long-term co-operation with you. Additional reason, isn't it?

What risks do I have in outsourcing development?
First of all, the usual risks of software development proper definition of the task, proper planning, proper managing and proper development process. We do our best to address these issues and have many successfully finished projects.

The second is communication. There should be two Project Managers - on-site and off-site - who communicate every day. Failure in communication is the main cause of unsuccessful development. Understanding this, we have a 24-hour reply policy. Any message addressed to us will be answered during the same or next working day, and … we require the same from our customers!

The third is agreements. Responsibilities, payments and other arrangements have to be well made-up and clearly understandable, safeguarding both sides.

What makes Vision Technologies
Professionalism,knowledge, reliability and flexibility, combined with fair, reasonable prices.

What are your standard Terms and Conditions?
Once a contract has been signed, we issue an invoice after deliveries were made according to the Payment Schedule which is a part of the Project Plan approved by you. Usually invoices are paid by wire transfer in US Dollars or Euro to our bank accounts in the India. Copyright on the final system belongs to a customer.

Can I first get "a rough guess" about the cost of my system?
Yes, no doubts. Just contact us.

Can I try your services first before signing a contract for a large system with you?
Yes, you can request us to do a pilot project. We will do it with payment upon successful completion only or even free of charge. It depends on what your "large system" is.

Can I get references from your previous work?
Please see our Portfolio and Testimonials. It will be our pleasure to provide you with contact information of our customers.

Which languages can I speak with Vision Technologies?
English, and Hindi.

How can I start using Vision Technologies services?
Contact uswith your business requirements, ideas or questions.

What programming experience does Vision Technologies have?
We can provide programming for Windows and Linux platforms using C, C++, C#, COM/DCOM, Java, Visual Basic, Perl, Oracle Developer, Delphi, ASP, ColdFusion and PHP. We have developed systems which use Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and Access databases, sometimes all of them simultaneously via ODBC.

What are typical software product deliverables?
  • 💻  Software itself
  • 💻  Quality Assurance documentation
  • 💻  User's Guide
  • 💻  Online Context-Sensitive Help
  • 💻  Installation program and instructions
  • 💻  Completely documented source code
  • 💻  Maintenance instructions

CanVision Technologies provide Web site and graphics design?
Yes, of course. Our design department is making not only the user interface of the software and documentation of a superior looking, but, primarily, provides a full range of Web design, graphics and multimedia development services.

Your development process looks complicated.Is it really necessary?
The software development process is complicated by its nature. Our development process only reflects it. Excluding any stage leads to higher risk and lower quality. Sometimes we are asked to simply provide programmers, but such "savings" on management, planning, testing and documentation bring many problems in future and the final cost of the system becomes much higher, if the system can be finished at all.

How do clients control the project's progress?
You do have full control over the development, primarily through an on-site Project Manager. Our Service Technology and Development Process ensure there will be no "unpleasant surprises" at the end of the development.

What should I do if I am not exactly sure what functionality I need?
This is not a rare situation. Contact us even with an idea. We will define the task together.

How can I be assured of high quality, reliable software?
Through our Development Process, which is aimed at quality and only quality. We even provide Software Testing services for other software development organizations.Also, you will have all preliminary versions of the software installed at your location for internal testing, verification and acceptance. During the 3-month warranty period after the software was installed in production mode, any problem in the code will be corrected free of charge.

How can I be assured that if I need to update my system you will help?
We can conclude either a long-term maintenance agreement stating our responsibilities, or a general agreement on providing modifications on a case by case basis.Do not see your question here? Please CONTACT US