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Vision Technologies Bulk SMS Service platform is a one where you can send many texts at the same time to thousands of people with just one click. It is one of the most cost-effective and easy way to forward any kind of information.

This service is used for various purposes like marketing, sales, advertisements etc. We can provide you with both transactional and promotional Bulk SMS.

Extend Your Reach To More People

Everyone on this planet has a phone and they check it once in every 15 minutes!!

Thus SMS messaging the largest communication channel and it gives you a truly global reach.

Gain instant attention

The SMS inbox is one such place in one’s phone that people check the most often and probably within seconds of hearing the buzz thus it gives you instant attention.

Scale with trust and confidence

It doesn’t matter if you’re a global enterprise or a local startup.

Regardless of your size, we have designed our pack in such a way that our SMS products fit all & can easily be scaled as you grow.

We plan, We promote, We deliver

Conveying your marketing message through hi-tech communication mediums including Smart phones and software, led to a paradigm shift in the marketing arena. The key motive of our strategic SMS Marketing is to promote your business on a massive scale to yield better results in terms of visibility and conversion rate. We aim to identify your targeted audiences and keep them engaged with you by sending them a barrage of compelling messages that will surely help in increasing the conversion rate.

Send promotional and transactional SMS in bulk regardless of time constraints and deliver important info to your customers 24/7/365 days

Send them your website details, product info, valuable offers, limited prices, or divert their attention toward your website through URLs by our online Bulk SMS services.

It is an innovative way of promotion or advertisement. Promotional SMSs are now in trend for business marketing & promotions by sending Bulk promotional SMSs to a large number of people just at one click. It is an easy and effective way of doing business and attracting more and more customers for your business and services in order to increase sales occupancy. Before initiating your business a proper marketing strategy is a must for the business enhancement. In the process of marketing there are so many ways to make it done but sending Bulk Promotional SMSs to a mass audience at one click is an effective way of doing simultaneous business marketing. The reason why promotional SMS is best is that mobile devices rarely go out of any person’s sight nowadays. Every now and then people check out their smart phones or any other mobile devices. Sending Bulk SMS will absolutely be a task of benefit as it will directly get the visibility of our customers.

In an aspect of promotions, you can promote it for any causes or happening within your business and services such as:
  • If you have started a new business then you can do your business branding through SMS Marketing many countries
  • If there is a latest offer or discount going on in your business then you can convey it to your customers by sending them
  • You can also schedule any SMS for a particular time and send it in time it is most likely to be seen by your customers.
  • You can send promotional SMSs in Multiple Languages for your business enhancement.
  • If you are planning for starting your business at a new location or changing your location then you can make aware of your customers in that locality.
Vision Technologies features of Promotional Bulk SMS service:
  • Budget-friendly service.
  • Fast and effective mobile visibility
  • Multiple language provisions
  • Dynamic sender’s ID feature

Vision Technologies is a Promotional SMS provider mainly in the regions of GCC & Middle East. It is a renowned SMS Marketing service provider known for its enhanced services and quality of content. Vision Technologies has a friendly user interface and a cost-effective service that enables you to have an easy solution in terms of Bulk SMSs service. You can use personalized Sender’s ID service to send SMSs to your customers with the name of your company that helps your customer to recognize you easily. We avail you an affordable service to get you rid of expensive advertisement through banners, newspapers, TV, etc. For instance, we have a huge clientele impressed with our agile and diligent teamwork. Switch to our services today and promote your business to the nudge.

  • API stands for Application Programming Interface and in the SMS industry API allows a code to send SMS between that application and the user or subscribe. So in rather easier words it basically explains how two or more applications can be connected to each other to perform a given function or command.
  • API basically acts as an intermediary between two applications and in our case the program, website or application and the SMS Server
  • API integration makes it easy for you to send bulk SMS, instant OTPs , notifications, receive SMS etc . It will basically ease your job by creating an interface between the applications and the data you want to deliver to your customers quickly. A large number of companies are running numerous applications for various purposes using our BULK SMS API with complete satisfaction.
  • You can reach more customers with faster and more reliable messaging. In this way you can take your messaging solution to a next level with a platform which is built for scale, speed and deliverability.
  • You can go beyond just sending or receiving SMS with our Bulk SMS APIs and fetch delivery reports, manage contacts, schedule messages, retrieve credit balance, pull survey responses, & so much more!!!
  • You can expect high convenience level, least delay in services, easy integration and cost effective which makes, API integration the best.
  • Using API integration you can send messages to millions of people without any manual interference or implementation.
  • On every step of your deployment journey, Vision Technologies is there to help you.
  • Once you have the base ‘sending SMS’ case working, we have got a wide variety of sample guides and tutorials on our Documentation. We have snippets and samples for your entire core supported web languages and platforms like PHP, .Net etc.
  • Our API comes with low latency, high delivery, and a very small downtime measured in just minutes annually.
  • Vision Technologies SMS through Excel plug-in which allows you to send SMS directly from an excel sheet to your customers regarding any product or service for a variety of purposes. You can send bulk SMS in a very fast manner via excel plug-in for sending bulk SMS. From simple promotional SMS to customized payment reminders you can use it for a variety of purposes.
  • It is a very convenient method of sending SMS to thousands of customers in a very organized manner. It acts as a common platform where you have details and contact numbers of the customers and all you have to do is just draft a new SMS and forward it to the customers.
  • Excel plugin provides you the operational convenience in staying connected with your customers. Thus our SMS Plug-in can be directly integrated with Microsoft Excel.
  • If a college wants to send the results of the recently held examinations to the parents, it can send personalized bulk SMS by mentioning the name of each Student, his/her marks in each subject, total percentage achieved for each and every student.

So now we will understand how you can actually get connected to your customers via Excel plugin SMS service. On the installation of Excel plug-in for sending SMS, A new toolbar will be added to the Excel plug-in application form where you can send SMS in a bulk amount about any product or service. It can be used for multiple purposes like marketing, promotions, sales etc.

Transactional SMS is used to send OTP’S and other important informational messages regarding any products and services to support the customer’s .They are basically non-marketing text messages that the companies send to support their customers.

Opt-In & Opt-Out Numbers

Transactional SMS are delivered to all the recipients' irrespective of their OptOut status. This exclusive feature of transactional SMS marketing gives it an edge over promotional bulk SMS.

Rapid Delivery

Transactional SMS do not have any kind of delay and can be sent rapidly. This is very important as we need to make sure that the bulk SMS go on priority basis and the information is conveyed in just no time.

No Time Restrictions

Messages with transactional SMS gateway can be delivered at any time with no time restriction and any important information can be sent using them.

Multilingual SMS

We support multilingual SMS which means that we can send messages in multiple languages.


They are widely used by the banks to send OTP’s. This also includes when a bank sends SMS to its customers about recent transaction or account balance.

Hospitality SMS

They are often used by Airliners and in other hospitality sectors.

Ecommerce SMS

Ecommerce websites can use this service to send notifications to their customers. They are widely used by big companies to send information about the product and services.

Quick Services

Now transactional bulk SMS marketing is being used worldwide to integrate messaging service quickly.


Thus instantly notify your clients using our transactional bulk SMS Gateways. Delivery notices meeting reminders, urgent notifications: with Vision Technologies you can set up automated notifications and send important information to them faster and more reliably via text message.

Engage Tool helps you track and analyze the status of the SMS sent and demographics of the users using it.

There is a bulk amount of SMS that is delivered to thousands of customers for any product or service and it gives us a check if the messages are opened on the customer’s end.

Engage Tool or SMS Tracker helps you track and analyze the status of the SMS sent and demographics of the users through the URL Shortener used.

This too helps you to find a huge database of your target demographic that will read, click on your messages and increases your CR. You can easily and instantly view comprehensive campaign reports that measure the success of campaigns in addition to defining control groups to measure the overall effectiveness of campaigns.

Thus engage tool gives you an instantaneous and dynamic idea about the delivery of messages in a very understandable format where you can get in-depth insights into SMS as a channel. You can find out how SMS as an engagement channel is working for you compared to other channels, and invest efforts and resource wisely.

Sender ID is a set of characters that represents the identity of a sender. A sender ID can have numbers, alphabets or can even be alphanumeric. It is used to identify who is sending the message to recipient.

A Sender ID SMS can have short codes or long codes as well. So, instead of the message coming from a mobile number which is not feasible as well as professional, you can choose your company name, campaign name or even a SC or LC. Thus by using a Sender ID, your customers will immediately recognize who the SMS text message is from.

The length varies from country to country. Like in UAE the sender ID can of 11 character alphanumeric for transactional while 8 for promotional with a prefix of AD-, while India has 6 characters in it. It also varies in case of promotional and transactional SMS for a few countries like Saudi Arabia.

  • It gives a unique identity to all the users, thus you can identify a user by just looking at its user id.
  • The chances to increase the open rate of any messages increase by using an apt sender id.
  • Sending Bulk SMS with Sender ID is great for reinforcing your brand’s name in the customer’s mind. This is an effective way of doing marketing also.
  • Bulk SMS with sender id will give the message a more premium and professional look.

Real time SMS delivery reports give us a check if the messages are being delivered to the customer mobile. When you send SMS in bulk there are so many numbers which are unserviceable such as disconnected number, portable number, dead number etc.

Real time SMS delivery reports give you an instantaneous and dynamic idea the delivery of messages in a very easily understandable format.

It gives you detailed analysis of the delivered and undelivered SMS. It gives an idea about the traffic also because if the messages are not getting delivered then it might be possible that the messages are lined in a queue.


Vision Technologies tracks delivery of each and every message in real time which means you get delivery report as soon as the message is delivered on the handset.

Campaign Success Rate

Our best-in-class team has developed a portal where you can analyze your success report for your complete campaigns.

Vision Technologies has the Web SMS Panel keeping in mind that your comfort is highest priority for us. That is why we have developed a very simple in usage and powerful tool to mange online SMS marketing for Transactional SMS as well as for Promotional SMS.

The services that we provide you will improve your SMS campaign business and you will be able to bulk SMS in a very user-friendly manner. Our SMS web panel is designed to provide robust positive user experience possible, so we have added all the essential features on our dashboard .Everything is very easy, convenient, easy-to-access, efficient etc

Web SMS Panel provides you the most essential and feasible strategy to target the mass audience with a single click and you can join a large number of people simultaneously and increase the sales and business of your company.

Web Panel allows you to keep a track of your messages keeping in view the requirement of both the clients and the providers. It helps you to track the delivery reports as well

Number of Messages Price Per SMS Price (AED) Validity
10000 7 Fils 700 AED Lifetime
25000 6 Fils 1,500 AED Lifetime
50000 5.75 Fils 2,875 AED Lifetime
100000 5.5 Fils 5,500 AED Lifetime


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In our portfolio, you can browse the latest products developed for our clients for different corporate purposes. Our qualified team of interface designers and software developers is always ready to create something unique for you.



Privacy Policy

Both in person and through the Internet we occasionally receive information that could identify individuals, so we have created this Privacy Policy to explain how that information is used. If you have questions after reading this policy, please contact us at info@visionsoftwares.com

Privacy and Your Information

Vision Technologies respects and values both the information you share with us and your privacy. We will not sell your personal information.

Scope of the Policy

The Privacy Policy covers all information received by Vision Technologies through online forms and email addresses published on our website at , or provided in marketing materials such as brochures, direct mail, advertisements, etc. This policy does not cover any other information received by

How Information is Collected

Vision Technologies collects and maintains information sent via online forms and email addresses published on our website. The Vision Technologies website logs information such as which pages are visited on the website and which links lead to the website. Information may also be gathered from data stored locally on a browser (commonly known as “cookies”). Vision Technologies may use third parties to collect and analyze logged data, such as services which support conversion tracking. Information submitted by other methods such as postal mail or telephone is outside the scope of this policy. Vision Technologies may use third parties to collect and analyze logged data, such as services which support conversion tracking. Information submitted by other methods such as postal mail or telephone is outside the scope of this policy. Vision Technologies also collects data from posts and submissions made by the users of its communities and developer forums (for example, Developer Connection).

How Information is Used

Information received by Vision Technologies may be used and shared among internal departments, offices, and affiliates. In addition, information may be stored in “cookies” on a browser to enable efficient recognition of registered users. Contact information submitted through the website may also be used to reach an individual to provide news and/or announcements such as new product information, maintenance releases, services, and upcoming corporate events. Third-party agents may be employed to help manage the distribution of announcements and analyze information.

Transmitting Information to Vision Technologies

All information received through our website, communities websites, or other forums owned or operated Vision Technologies , will be treated as non-confidential, which includes, but is not limited to, business plans, inventions, and commercial information. Submitting such information shall not create an obligation of any kind by Vision Technologies shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose, and distribute information to others. This policy does not define or modify Vision Technologies ’ responsibilities and obligations with respect to protected health information, any information transmitted in the furtherance of an existing contractual relationship between Vision Technologies and you or another party, or any statutory obligation.

Terms of Use

Sending information via Visionsoftwares.com will act as the sender’s consent to the following: (i) the use of such information as described by Vision Technologies Privacy Policy, (ii) agreement to resolve any dispute according to the laws of the United Arab Emirates, (iii) and exclusively limiting dispute resolution to arbitration in the nited Arab Emirates.

Controlling Your Information

Information gathered from third party services may be limited or prevented through browser configuration (examples include “Do Not Track” mode in certain browsers) and managing your privacy preferences on the third party sites (such as disabling “Promoted content”). For more information, please see If you would like your information to be suppressed from future communications or would like to provide/update your contact information, please contact our marketing privacy coordinator at info@visionsoftwares.com or call 00971567777433.

Data Protection Principles

Various data protection and privacy laws around the world, including the UAE General Data Protection Regulation, specify legal principles for processing personal information and many laws provide for the appointment of Data Protection Manager (DPM).
The task of the DPM is to ensure, in an independent manner, that such data protection and privacy laws are applied in the company.
The DPM is also required to maintain an inventory of operations that involve the processing (collection, use and/or disclosure) of your personal information carried out by the company.

Vision Technologies Data Protection Manager

: Email info@visionsoftwares.com
: Phone: 00971567777433

Your rights when we process your personal information under UAE law

• When your personal information is processed by
• You have the right to access the information and have it rectified if it is inaccurate or incomplete.
• You can ask to have it blocked under certain circumstances.
• You can also object to it being processed if you think the processing is unfair and unlawful and ask for it to be deleted.
• You can request that any of the above changes be communicated to other parties to whom your information have been disclosed.
• You have also the right not to be subject to automated decisions (made solely by machines) affecting you, as defined by law.

How to exercise your data protection rights under UAE law

• If we are processing your personal information and you would like to exercise your data protection rights, please send us a written request;
• In principle, we cannot accept verbal requests (telephone or face-to-face) as we may not be able to deal with your request immediately without first
• analysing it and reliably identifying you.
• You can send your request to us at our World Headquarters (to the attention of the Data Protection Officer) via post in a sealed envelope or use our contact page.
• Your request should contain a detailed, accurate description of the data you want access to.
• You must provide a copy of an identification document to confirm your identity, for example, an ID card or passport. The document should contain an identification number, country of issue, period of validity, your name, address and date of birth.
• Any other information contained in the copy of the identification document such as a photo or any personal characteristics, may be blacked out.
• Our use of the information on your identification document is strictly limited: the information will only be used to verify your identity and will not be stored for longer than needed for this purpose.
• In principle, we will not accept other means of assuring your identity. Should you wish to propose alternatives, we will assess their adequacy on a case-by-case basis.
• This statement provides information on how we deal with your personal data when handling a written request from you.

This policy is subject to change without notice.


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No Warranties


While all the documents and graphics included in the website are factual and true, Vision Technologies and/or its respective partners make no representations about the suitability of the information contained in the documents and related graphics published on this website for any purpose.

Vision Technologies does not guarantee or warrant that files available for downloading (including without limitation mobileslotcash.com) from this website will be free of infection or viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other codes that manifest contaminating or destructive properties. You are responsible for implementing sufficient procedures and checkpoints to satisfy your particular requirements for accuracy of data input and output, and for maintaining a means external to the web site for the reconstruction of any lost data.

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Data privacy is important to Vision Technologies. Vision Technologies has detailed Data Privacy Policy that is available on the link Privacy Notice Vision Technologies Data Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use and disclose information that we may obtain through this Website or as a part of our internal processes.

Laws & Jurisdiction:

These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of United Arab Emirates, without giving effect to its conflict of law’s provisions. Any dispute arising out of or in relation these Terms of Use shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts at United Arab Emirates.

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Cookie Policy

This document informs Users about the technologies that help Vision Technologies to achieve the purposes described below. Such technologies allow the Owner to access and store information (for example by using a Cookie) or use resources (for example by running a script) on a User’s device as they interact with Vision Technologies.

For simplicity, all such technologies are defined as "Trackers" within this document – unless there is a reason to differentiate.
For example, while Cookies can be used on both web and mobile browsers, it would be inaccurate to talk about Cookies in the context of mobile apps as they are a browser-based Tracker. For this reason, within this document, the term Cookies is only used where it is specifically meant to indicate that particular type of Tracker.

Some of the purposes for which Trackers are used may also require the User's consent, depending on the applicable law. Whenever consent is given, it can be freely withdrawn at any time following the instructions provided in this document.

Vision Technologies uses Trackers managed directly by the Owner (so-called “first-party” Trackers) and Trackers that enable services provided by a third-party (so-called “third-party” Trackers). Unless otherwise specified within this document, third-party providers may access the Trackers managed by them.
The validity and expiration periods of Cookies and other similar Trackers may vary depending on the lifetime set by the Owner or the relevant provider. Some of them expire upon termination of the User’s browsing session.

‍ In addition to what’s specified in the descriptions within each of the categories below, Users may find more precise and updated information regarding lifetime specification as well as any other relevant information – such as the presence of other Trackers - in the linked privacy policies of the respective third-party providers or by contacting the Owner.

Vision Technologies uses so-called “technical” Cookies and other similar Trackers to carry out activities that are strictly necessary for the operation or delivery of the Service.


This type of service analyzes the traffic of Vision Technologies, potentially containing Users' Personal Data, with the purpose of filtering it from parts of traffic, messages and content that are recognized as SPAM.

Google reCAPTCHA (Google Ireland Limited)
Google reCAPTCHA is a SPAM protection service provided by Google Ireland Limited.
The use of reCAPTCHA is subject to the Google privacy policy and terms of use.
Personal Data processed: Tracker and Usage Data.
Place of processing: Ireland – Privacy Policy.

This type of service allows Vision Technologies to distribute their content using servers located across different countries and to optimize their performance.
Which Personal Data are processed depends on the characteristics and the way these services are implemented. Their function is to filter communications between Vision Technologies and the User's browser.
Considering the widespread distribution of this system, it is difficult to determine the locations to which the contents that may contain Personal Information of the User are transferred.

Cloudflare (Cloudflare Inc.)
Cloudflare is a traffic optimization and distribution service provided by Cloudflare Inc.
The way Cloudflare is integrated means that it filters all the traffic through Vision Technologies, i.e., communication between Vision Technologies and the User's browser, while also allowing analytical data from Vision Technologies to be collected.
Personal Data processed: Tracker.
Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy.

Vision Technologies uses Trackers to enable basic interactions and functionalities, allowing Users to access selected features of the Service and facilitating the User's communication with the Owner.

‍ This type of service allows the Owner to connect Data with third-party services disclosed within this privacy policy.
This results in Data flowing through these services, potentially causing the retention of this Data.

‍Zapier (Zapier, Inc.)
Zapier is a workflow automation service provided by Zapier, Inc. that automates the movement of Data between (third-party) services.
Personal Data processed: Tracker.
Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy.

Mailing list or newsletter (Vision Technologies)
By registering on the mailing list or for the newsletter, the User’s email address will be added to the contact list of those who may receive email messages containing information of commercial or promotional nature concerning Vision Technologies. Your email address might also be added to this list as a result of signing up to Vision Technologies or after making a purchase.
Personal Data processed: Tracker.

This type of service allows Users to interact with third-party live chat platforms directly from the pages of Vision Technologies, in order to contact and be contacted by Vision Technologies‘s support service.
If one of these services is installed, it may collect browsing and Usage Data in the pages where it is installed, even if the Users do not actively use the service. Moreover, live chat conversations may be logged.

‍ ‍Facebook Messenger Customer Chat (Facebook Ireland Ltd)
The Facebook Messenger Customer Chat is a service for interacting with the Facebook Messenger live chat platform provided by Facebook Ireland Ltd
Personal Data processed: Data communicated while using the service, Tracker and Usage Data.
Place of processing: Ireland – Privacy Policy.

Vision Technologies Widget
Vision Technologies is a business messaging platform that connects customers from any channel to every team.

This type of service helps the Owner to manage the tags or scripts needed on Vision Technologies in a centralized fashion.
This results in the Users' Data flowing through these services, potentially resulting in the retention of this Data.

Segment (Segment Inc.)
Segment is a tag management service provided by Segment.io, Inc.
Personal Data processed: Tracker and Usage Data.
Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy.

Vision Technologies uses Trackers to measure traffic and analyze User behavior with the goal of improving the Service.

The services contained in this section enable the Owner to monitor and analyze web traffic and can be used to keep track of User behavior.

Google Analytics (Google Ireland Limited)
Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Ireland Limited (“Google”). Google utilizes the Data collected to track and examine the use of Vision Technologies, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services. Google may use the Data collected to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network.
Personal Data processed: Tracker and Usage Data.
Place of processing: Ireland – Privacy PolicyOpt Out.

Attribution (Attribution, LLC)
Attribution is an analytics service provided by Attribution, LLC.
Personal Data processed: Tracker and Usage Data.
Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy.

Facebook Ads conversion tracking (Facebook pixel) (Facebook Ireland Ltd)
Facebook Ads conversion tracking (Facebook pixel) is an analytics service provided by Facebook Ireland Ltd that connects data from the Facebook advertising network with actions performed on Vision Technologies. The Facebook pixel tracks conversions that can be attributed to ads on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.
Personal Data processed: Tracker and Usage Data.
Place of processing: Ireland – Privacy Policy.

MixPanel (MixPanel)
MixPanel is an analytics service provided by Mixpanel Inc.
Personal Data processed: Tracker and Usage Data.
Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy – Opt Out.

The services contained in this section allow the Owner to track and analyze the User response concerning web traffic or behavior regarding changes to the structure, text or any other component of Vision Technologies.

Google Optimize (Google Ireland Limited)
Google Optimize is an A/B testing service provided by Google Ireland Limited ("Google").
Google may use Personal Data to contextualize and personalize the ads of its own advertising network.
Personal Data processed: Tracker and Usage Data.
Place of processing: Ireland – Privacy Policy.

Vision Technologies uses Trackers to deliver personalized marketing content based on User behavior and to operate, serve and track ads.

This type of service allows User Data to be utilized for advertising communication purposes. These communications are displayed in the form of banners and other advertisements on Vision Technologies, possibly based on User interests.
This does not mean that all Personal Data are used for this purpose. Information and conditions of use are shown below.
Some of the services listed below may use Trackers to identify Users or they may use the behavioral retargeting technique, i.e. displaying ads tailored to the User’s interests and behavior, including those detected outside Vision Technologies. For more information, please check the privacy policies of the relevant services.
In addition to any opt-out feature offered by any of the services below, Users may opt out by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

‍Users may also opt-out of certain advertising features through applicable device settings, such as the device advertising settings for mobile phones or ads settings in general.

JSDELIVR (jsdelivr.com)
JSDELIVR is an advertising service provided by jsdelivr.com.
Personal Data processed: Tracker and Usage Data.
Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy.

This type of service makes it possible to manage a database of email contacts, phone contacts or any other contact information to communicate with the User.
These services may also collect data concerning the date and time when the message was viewed by the User, as well as when the User interacted with it, such as by clicking on links included in the message.

Customer.io (Peaberry Software Inc.)
Customer.io is an email address management and message sending service provided by Peaberry Software Inc.
Personal Data processed: email address, Tracker and Usage Data.
Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy.

This type of service allows Vision Technologies and its partners to inform, optimize and serve advertising based on past use of Vision Technologies by the User.
This activity is facilitated by tracking Usage Data and by using Trackers to collect information which is then transferred to the partners that manage the remarketing and behavioral targeting activity.
Some services offer a remarketing option based on email address lists.
In addition to any opt-out feature provided by any of the services below, Users may opt out by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

‍Users may also opt-out of certain advertising features through applicable device settings, such as the device advertising settings for mobile phones or ads settings in general.

Google Ads Remarketing (Google Ireland Limited)
Google Ads Remarketing is a remarketing and behavioral targeting service provided by Google Ireland Limited that connects the activity of Vision Technologies with the Google Ads advertising network and the DoubleClick Cookie.
Users can opt out of Google's use of cookies for ads personalization by visiting Google's Ads Settings.
Personal Data processed: Tracker and Usage Data.
Place of processing: Ireland – Privacy Policy – Opt Out.

Facebook Remarketing (Facebook Ireland Ltd)
Facebook Remarketing is a remarketing and behavioral targeting service provided by Facebook Ireland Ltd that connects the activity of Vision Technologies with the Facebook advertising network.
Personal Data processed: Tracker and Usage Data.
Place of processing: Ireland – Privacy Policy – Opt Out.

There are various ways to manage Tracker related preferences and to provide and withdraw consent, where relevant:
Users can manage preferences related to Trackers from directly within their own device settings, for example, by preventing the use or storage of Trackers.
Additionally, whenever the use of Trackers is based on consent, Users can provide or withdraw such consent by setting their preferences within the cookie notice or by updating such preferences accordingly via the relevant consent-preferences widget, if available.
It is also possible, via relevant browser or device features, to delete previously stored Trackers, including those used to remember the User’s initial consent.
Other Trackers in the browser’s local memory may be cleared by deleting the browsing history.
With regard to any third-party Trackers, Users can manage their preferences and withdraw their consent via the related opt-out link (where provided), by using the means indicated in the third party's privacy policy, or by contacting the third party.

Users can, for example, find information about how to manage Cookies in the most commonly used browsers at the following addresses:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge

‍Users may also manage certain categories of Trackers used on mobile apps by opting out through relevant device settings such as the device advertising settings for mobile devices, or tracking settings in general (Users may open the device settings and look for the relevant setting).

Notwithstanding the above, Users may follow the instructions provided by YourOnlineChoices (EU), the Network Advertising Initiative (US) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (US), DAAC (Canada), DDAI (Japan) or other similar services. Such initiatives allow Users to select their tracking preferences for most of the advertising tools. The Owner thus recommends that Users make use of these resources in addition to the information provided in this document.
The Digital Advertising Alliance offers an application called AppChoices that helps Users to control interest-based advertising on mobile apps.

Any information that directly, indirectly, or in connection with other information — including a personal identification number — allows for the identification or identifiability of a natural person.

Information collected automatically through Vision (or third-party services employed in Vision Technologies), which can include: the IP addresses or domain names of the computers utilized by the Users who use Vision Technologies, the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, the method utilized to submit the request to the server, the size of the file received in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the server's answer (successful outcome, error, etc.), the country of origin, the features of the browser and the operating system utilized by the User, the various time details per visit (e.g., the time spent on each page within the Application) and the details about the path followed within the Application with special reference to the sequence of pages visited, and other parameters about the device operating system and/or the User's IT environment.

The individual using Vision Technologies.io who, unless otherwise specified, coincides with the Data Subject.DATA SUBJECTThe natural person to whom the Personal Data refers.

The natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which processes Personal Data on behalf of the Controller, as described in this privacy policy.

The natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of Personal Data, including the security measures concerning the operation and use of Vision Technologies.io. The Data Controller, unless otherwise specified, is the Owner of Vision Technologies (OR THIS APPLICATION)The means by which the Personal Data of the User is collected and processed.

The service provided by Vision Technologies as described in the relative terms (if available) and on this site/application.

Unless otherwise specified, all references made within this document to the European Union include all current member states to the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Cookies are Trackers consisting of small sets of data stored in the User's browser.

Tracker indicates any technology - e.g Cookies, unique identifiers, web beacons, embedded scripts, e-tags and fingerprinting - that enables the tracking of Users, for example by accessing or storing information on the User’s device.

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